Contents Handling, Packing & Restoration

TRS also offers professional contents handling, packing and restoration. In many cases involving large scale water and fire losses, TRS will need to inventory, pack, and move personal property off-site to our facility for cleaning or merely for storage TRS takes great care with each and every piece that we pack and have a very thorough inventory process to ensure that every item is accounted for from the time it leaves the job site until the day it returns. All technicians have undergone special contents handling training and understand the importance of a person’s property.

What is Contents Restoration?

Contents Restoration is the process of packing, storing, cleaning, and restoring your damaged goods after a catastrophic event. At TRS, we can help to reduce the cost of total replacement. If you have precious items that have been damaged, let us help you restore those items.

Our Process

After the devastating event to your home or business, one of the first steps that should be taken is to pack and remove the contents that will be restored. At TRS, we have a secure climate-controlled facility to store your contents in individual crates. After your damaged contents have been moved to our climate controlled facility, our professional team will then start the process of restoring your contents. We use cost effective methods. For delicate items, we use ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning allows us to thoroughly clean items gently without further damaging those items. To finalize our restoration process, items are then deodorized with an environmentally-friendly hydroxyl generator.

We Treat Your Items Like Our Own

We hold near and dear to our hearts those items that we surround ourselves with and will take special care of your property during your claim or renovation. We will always stand behind our work: if we make a mistake we will make it right, immediately!