Damage Restoration


Structural Drying for Water Damage

dryingTRS uses the latest in drying technologies to get your structure dry , fast. We use techniques to perform what is known as “Rapid structural drying” which can render results in as little as 3 days. The use of specialized high volume air movers and LGR dehumidifiers can dry out even the most complex of components. TRS even has the equipment that can dry hardwood flooring “in place” that can prevent costly removal and refinishing. Rescue mat systems are most beneficial in the first 48 hours of a loss, however they can be implemented at any time and achieve great results! TRS also utilizes heat drying methods as well as desiccant dehumidification technologies. All drying methods used are based on the principles found in the IICRC S500 guidelines. Various moisture meters are used throughout the process to establish drying goals and verify that dry standards have been met on each and every job. (Read more…)


Mold Remediation

moldMold becomes a problem inside a home or business when there’s excessive humidity or moisture for an extended period of time. The problem can originate from sudden water releases, like a burst pipe or large spill that goes untreated, or from a chronic condition, such as a leaking roof or plumbing. Even high humidity or warm, moist air condensing on cool surfaces can trigger mold problems. It’s always best to have the mold evaluated and removed by a certified professional and that’s where TRS come in. We understand the need for quick response. Immediate remediation is key to controlling any escalating costs. The longer the remediation is delayed, the higher the cost of restoration. (Read more…)


Fire, Smoke and Deodorization

fire-smokeTRS knows what to do in the event of any type of fire. All fires or smoke damages are not created equal. Each loss has a different set of circumstances and with that several types of soot and residue that must be cleaned and removed. This is why you must have a thorough understanding of what it is you are dealing with, and TRS is just that company. Like water damage, TRS can handle any size fire loss and we have set protocols on how to handle any type of smoke loss. Structure cleaning and deodorization is not the only component when it comes to fire and smoke, TRS will clean each and every piece of your personal property and restore it to like new condition. If pre-loss condition cleaning is not attainable TRS will inventory all unsalvageable items for you and your insurance company to ensure that you get compensated for your loss. TRS has skilled, trained teams of technicians that will remove all traces of residues and odors and we even offer a lifetime guarantee on the removal of smoke odors. TRS uses many types of deodorization methods from ozone to hydroxyl generators, we have what you need to get those pesky odors out for good! (Read more…)