Smoke Damage in Richmond, VA

While most signs of damage following a fire in Richmond, VA can be detected by the eye, there are some lingering problems that you may not be able to detect immediately. Even if the fire was contained within a single room, the rest of your house can become subject to invisible damage, such as smoke odor. By infiltrating your ventilation system, stubborn smoke odor can be spread throughout your entire house.

The average person doesn’t have the needed knowledge or tools to permanently remove these smells that represent the fire damage they’ve faced. Total Restoration Services offers professional smoke odor removal throughout Richmond, VA to ensure that even the slightest hint of damage is eradicated from your property completely.

VA—Smoke Damage and How it Can Affect You

Smoke odor has the ability to seep into any textile-based items within your structure. Because this smoke travels quickly, its range of damage isn’t limited to the specific area where the fire originated. Simply washing these items won’t remove the lingering scent of smoke.

Smoke Damaged Room, Smoke Odor Removal in Richmond VA

This kind of smoke damage requires the equipment and skill that only smoke damage restoration professionals can provide. By ignoring the pernicious odor of smoke, you and the inhabitants of your space can suffer from increased allergies and even extenuating breathing problems.

Removing Smoke Damage

Total Restoration Services has been providing unparalleled services to its clients for the last 16 years. As a part of our fire damage restoration services, we have been removing smoke damage from Richmond, VA homes and commercial properties as long. This kind of experience means that we are able to remove the scent of smoke from any number of textile-based items, such as:

Carpets          Draperies        Clothing         Bedding         Furniture        Couches


Smoke Deodorizing Service

Attempting to handle smoke odor removal by yourself can mean costly chemicals, hard-to-operate equipment, and time-consuming work. At the end of day, you may have nothing to show for your hard work but the lingering odors of smoke damage. As a smoke deodorizing service, you can depend on Total Restoration Services to completely eliminate all signs of a fire, even the hardest to remove odors!