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wet wood floorsWater damage can affect everything from carpeting to drywall and even electronics. Waiting to consult a professional for water extraction and the restoration of your structure can mean the difference between easy and cost-effective repairs or time-consuming and bank-breaking repairs. With the help of TRS, your home, office, basement or crawl space can be restored to its original appearance and divested of all moisture.


Water damage can happen just about any time and anywhere. Be prepared! With water restoration from Total Restoration Services, you can guarantee the safety of your structure, as well as the peace of mind you deserve in this kind of a situation. At our water removal company, we not only work to keep damage from permanently affecting your home or business, but we also attempt to make the insurance claims process as simple as possible for you.

water damage cleanup Amelia County vaWater Damage in Amelia County VA

A big part of the water cleanup process is ensuring that your insurance covers all of the labor and tools needed to make this happen, and this is an area in which we have unparalleled expertise. Trust us with water damage repair—and with helping with insurance claims for the restoration process.

Fast & Professional Water Cleanup

Water quickly soaks into flooring and absorbs into walls, infiltrating unseen areas with moisture. In 48 hours, this moisture can turn into mold, which can cause anything from an influx in allergies to even more severe illnesses. To keep harmful toxins from growing within your property, invest in the professional and efficient cleanup of Total Restoration Services. Our team of professionals has the tools and knowledge to handle any water cleanup job; big or small, residential or commercial, we do it all—guaranteed!

hardwood floor drying servicesEmergency Water Damage Restoration

At any time of the day or night, a representative from our business can provide your structure with emergency restoration services. Within 60 minutes of contacting TRS, a member of our team will be at your property and beginning emergency water damage restoration. We guarantee this service 24/7, 365 days a year!


The Process of Effective Water Cleanup

water removal Amelia County va

1. Water Removal

This usually involves water extraction to remove standing water, and removal of wet materials that have absorbed the water. A professional water damage contractor will have the proper equipment and the manpower to take care of the situation. In Amelia County VA, basement water damage is common. A broken pipe or frozen or leaky pipes can leave you with water in basement or crawl space. We know exactly how to handle basement water removal and will make sure that all moisture is removed and damage to your basement is limited.


2. Structural Drying

Using dehumidifiers and air movers is vital for stopping the effects of water and moisture laden air.  The dehumidifiers also prevent additional damage to areas that weren’t originally affected by the water. High moisture levels in the air can cause paint to peel, building materials to warp, and mold to grow. Drying wet structural materials and removing excessive moisture from the air is very important for limiting the amount of damage caused by leaky pipes, toilet or sink overflow, washing machine, water heater or dishwasher.


3. Water Damage Repair

Once the structure has been tested by a water damage specialist to ensure that it is completely dry, the materials damaged can be repaired to get things back to normal. Typically, a remediation company will have removed baseboards and drilled holes at the bottom of the walls to aid in the drying of the wall cavities. Wet carpet and padding will need to be removed.  And any items permanently damaged from water will have to be removed and replaced.


We provide water cleanup services throughout Amelia County VA including 23002.


Also servicing Richmond VA, Henrico VA, Chester VA & Goochland VA and other cities in our service area.